Cambridge Winter League (Jan.)

Cambridge Winter League (Jan.)

Race report and results from the first stage of the Winter League, thanks to Julian Haywood Smith:

The highlight was the impromptu regatta race between the WJ18 4x, and the Chris/Kyle double, tearing down the river to the finish bow to bow, with a Cantab Ladies VIII shouting for the Deben Girls, whilst being overtaken on both sides.

The Masters D4+ crew excelled themselves overhauling 'The Happy Rowers' and, most incredibly, scored an identical time as the Masters E4+ boat.  A case of honours even, but surely the gloves have to come off now...

Astonishingly, there was another dead heat between Chris in his single and the girls' quad...

Well done to the J18 4x, coming 14th overall out of the 204 entries in the 4 divisions ... big ask to improve that performance over the next 2 months.

And finally, a mention for the WJ15 4x girls in their first competitive event, for finishing the race without undue mishap.  A personal best for them all.  Great to see so many happy relieved faces at the end, and I'm not just talking about the parents.

Fastest Time 9m 18s posted by Cantabs IM3 8

Deben Racers Times

J18 4X   10:38 14
J18 2X Game/Eadie 11:48 42
IM3 2X Wix/Wix 12:01 48=
WJ18 4X   12:17 66=
J18 1X Game 12:17 66=
J18 2X Williams/Ward 12:21 73=
Nov 1X Wix 12:43 102=
WJ18 2X Stocker/Feller 12:57 116=
Mas E 4+ 13:08 126=
Mas D 4+ 13:08 126=
WJ18 2X Stockton/Haywood-Smith 13:24 137
WJ15 4X   14:11 164


Date originally published: 
25 Jan 2013