Goodbye and Good Luck to School Leavers

Goodbye and Good Luck to School Leavers

This summer sees long-time junior members Clio Aubugeau-Williams, Em Chitock, Chris Lawrence and Hannah Shire leaving school and heading out into the world. They have all been a great asset to the club and it has been a privilege to see them growing up during their time at DRC.

Since joining the club 5 years ago Clio, in particular, has made a startling progression winning 18 'pots' and 12 medals, as well as representing GB for the past 2 years. In recognition of this achievement and as Clio will shortly head to UCL, with rowing at Imperial College, the committee awarded Clio life membership on Saturday 17 September, 2011.

The committee is very appreciative of the contributions made by all the school leavers and we look forward to welcoming them back as students during their holidays, joining the growing number of out-of-county university student members of the club.

Good luck!

Date originally published: 
21 Sep 2011