Head of the Cam

Head of the Cam

Julian Haywood-Smith reports below - many congratulations to you all!

 2,600m course, in changeable and cool weather, with a difficult cross wind at the start.

A much quieter event than expected, with fewer entries than last year.

This meant some number juggling by the organisers caused a bit of confusion, but the cool headed Deben Racers showed their tremendous form, particularly in the single sculls.

Races of the day were by Dylan in his first single race ever, and by Katy, achieving a win in her first single race as well. This was despite the determined efforts of a Leys school boy determined not to let yet another Deben girl fly past him.

The following wins were recorded:-

J16 1x Dylan Ward (3 entries) 12 mins 10 secs (First time ever race in a single)
J18 1x Chris Game (3 entries) 11 mins 02 secs (a full 1 minute and 14 seconds ahead of 2nd place)
WJ16 1x Katy Wilkinson-Feller (4 entries) 13 mins 06 secs (First time ever race in a single)
WNov 1x Izzy Lelijveld (3 entries) 13 mins 03 secs (improving her earlier division time by 16 seconds)
WJ15 1x Olivia Haywood Smith (3 entries) 13 mins 07 secs (first win in a single and a whole two minutes ahead of 2nd place)
The quad looked the business, but left their watches behind. First time we have seen a strict enforcement of the Green Dragon bridge rule.

In the J18 2x category, Kyle Eadie doubled up with Dylan (10.56) & Chris (10.23) recording the two fastest times amongst the Racers, but sadly, with insufficient entries to bring home a pot.
Katy & Olivia brought their WJ16 2x home with a time of 12.20, but again, had no competition.

The 3rd fastest time of the day amongst the Racers, were Emilie and Spencer Wix in their mixed double, recording a time of 10m 59 secs - faster than many college VIII boats, but with no competition, this was scant consolation.

Thanks go to coaches Chris Jillings and James Parkinson, for getting the singles in such great condition at an early stage of the season. Next event to look forward to is the Peterborough Regatta on 1st and 2nd June.

Date originally published: 
3 May 2013