Items for sale

For sale

Club kit

We are currently waiting for delivery at the end of August for the latest order of club kit.

There will be a notice posted when the next order window opens and this provides the opportunity to benefit from discounted purchases.

All items can be purchased at full price from the Godfrey’s website at any other time. This is the link to the website:

www.godfrey . co . uk/club/debenrc

However, Paul has a new extra large AIO, for sale.

It is unworn and still in its packaging. He paid £64, and is offering it for £50. Contact him at


Are you sitting comfortably?


Sue has a Godfrey seat pad for sale. It's new, unused and still in its wrapper and cost £27.50. She will accept £15.
Tel 0751 500 8760





Meanwhile, Lisa is selling 100% natural sheepskin seat pads, £10 each.

She says 'comfort from both cushioning and sweat dissipation. Insulates from heat and cold by trapping air between the fibres, keeping you warm and dry!'

Contact her at