Great Ouse Marathon

Great Ouse Marathon

4th September 2016

This weekend 11 of our senior and junior DRC crews braved the Great Ouse Marathon and rowed the 22k from Denver Sluice to the Queen Adelaide Bridge near Ely in some extreme conditions.

To give you an idea of how windy it was compared to previous years the weather conditions are below, many other crews were pushed into the banks and lots of people capsized.  Luckily our Deben rowers stayed upright and battled the waves as if it were a normal day on the Deben!

2009 wind west to south-west; 11 to 14 mph; cloudy; 17c
2010 wind south-south-east to south east; 10 to 15mph; scattered cloud; 19c
2011 wind south to south-south west; 7 to 11mph; scattered cloud; 19c
2012 wind west to west-south-west; 6 to 10 mph; bright overcast; 17c
2013 wind west to south west; 5mph; overcast, becoming sunny; 18c
2014 wind north, 6mph; scattered clouds, clearing to become sunny; 16c > 18c
2015 wind north to north west, 8 to 12mph, sunny,14c to 18c
2016 wind westerly, 21 to 25mph, gusting 31mph; 18c

This race presented many 'firsts' as some people had never completed this distance before and some had not even entered a race before! However everyone entered in good spirits and achieved some excellent times. There were a fair number of blisters, sore bottoms and stiff legs at the end but everyone was still smiling and saying that they want to do it again next year.

As ever, a big thank you to Matthew Everson who towed the boats, Hilary Robinson for all the photos and to all the parents and partners who did the driving and magically made all our belongings reappear at Ely, we couldn't do it without you.

Well done everyone