Olly and Jamie at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta

Olly and Jamie at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta

23rd April 2016

Olly Wroe and Jamie Goodwyn represented the Eastern Region at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta on Saturday at Nottingham. They raced against 11 other regions from around the country and came a very creditable 4th in the J16 2x.

Here they share their memories of the event.

From Ollie...
At first Jamie and I were slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of racing in the JIRR. Deben, being a relatively small club, doesn’t usually attend such events and this was the first event on this scale that Jamie and I would ever go to, not to mention the fierce competition that we were no doubt due to encounter.

Frankly we felt a little out of our depth considering that the eastern regional qualifying race was our first notable victory. Having said this, after the reality had kicked in, Jamie and I realised that in order for us to stand a chance we had to boost the intensity with which we had been previously training. So by the time race day rolled around Jamie and I were confident that even if we couldn’t win the event, we were at least able to row our own race the way we knew how.

In our first heat of the day we managed to subdue the nerves as we pulled alongside the London crew from Globe RC (a formidable opponent in the world of rowing). As we sidled up to these self-assured giants, Jamie and I buried our blades at three quarter slide and waited for the words “attention…. ROW.”

We manged to finish in second place in the heat by one second beating all the other crews apart from Globe, overall we had qualified as fourth fastest with a time of 5:31, placing us in the A final alongside the likes of Molesly boat club and Windsor boys school, both big names in rowing, especially when compared with Deben.

By the time the final came around Jamie and I were fresh and ready to row, knowing that our tactic was not to let the excitement of the final push us too hard at the start, we had planned to take 20 strokes hard at the start then settle for 1k and begin to build into a sprint by the final 500 metres. This was the race plan we had practised over and over and so we had found our confidence for the final.

Although we took the lead early in the final we ended up in fourth place with a new time of 5:23, however we had beaten our previous adversaries from Globe RC and this was a feat that Jamie and I were extremely proud of. 

Although we didn’t manage victory at the JIRR I hope our small club feel proud of our achievements. Jamie and I are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our fellow club members and we are especially grateful for the dedication and commitment of all our coaches.    

From Jamie...
Some people may have seen Olly and I at the rowing club almost every day last week as we prepared for the Junior Inter Regional Regatta on Saturday 23rd April. This took place at Holme Pierrepont Rowing Lake, in Nottingham.

I left at home at 5:30 on Saturday morning in order to meet Olly at Holme Pierrepont at 8:30. We rigged the boat, collected our bright yellow racing t-shirts from the Eastern Region Team Manager, and proceed to warm up. Our heat was at 10:45.

There was a cross wind which made steering a little challenging, but we crossed the line in second place in a time of 5:31 over the 1500m course, just behind Globe RC. We qualified for the 'A' Final 4th fastest.

Luckily we had a lengthy wait until our final at 2:50. With even more warm up than our heat we felt fully prepared. We crossed the line 4th in a time of 5:23, just beaten to 3rd by Warrington RC from the North West Region. However we did beat Globe RC.

Overall I feel very proud of our performance in Nottingham. Being the 4th best J16 double in the country is something I will remember for a very long time.