Wilford Sculls

Wilford Sculls

17th April 2016
Wilford Sculls

After a long wait Terry Davey finally realised his dream of having a single scull race on the River Deben. The race date was specifically chosen to take advantage of an early high tide so that the competitors could race the 2.1K from Wilford Bridge back to the clubhouse. The scullers ranged from 16 to 69 years of age so the BR recognised handicap system was adopted allowing everyone to compete for either the Men’s or Women’s cup. It was also good to see people taking part in more stable boats which also attracted a 15 second handicap.

The weather in the preceding week prevented many people from practising the course but fortunately, despite the early frost, the sun shone and the wind behaved itself for once. Twenty scullers and nine marshals made their way to the marshalling area beyond the Wilford Bridge ready for a 9.30am kick off. Boats were called forward one by one and as their stern passed under the bridge a horn was sounded and they were on their way.

This race was not only about speed but also about navigation as there were a number of difficult bends and obstacles to skirt around, not to mention the odd swan or two!

All competitors did really well but with any race there has to be a winner so congratulations go to the cup winners below.


Men’s Cup (actual time in brackets)

Winner – Oliver Wroe, 11.29 (11.29)

Runner Up – Steve Fowler, 11.31 (11.51)


Women’s Cup (actual time in brackets)

Winner – Katie Wilkinson Feller, 12.07 (12.07)

Runner Up – Chris Churcher, 13.00 (14.19)

Full results

Big thanks go to all competitors for taking part, to Terry Davey for sponsoring the race, to all marshals and timekeepers for running such a smooth race, to the photographers who were stationed at the start and finish and to all the bakers for the lovely food afterwards. As this was such a lovely event with such a good atmosphere on land and water we hope to run similar events in the future.