The Yare Cup 2016

The Yare Cup 2016

24th September 2016

The day began surprisingly warm and sunny with seven seniors and six juniors taking part in 11 different racing categories at the Yare Cup in Norwich. The competition was divided into two divisions to allow competitors time to row the 6k to the start line before racing the 3700m course and returning home. If you were last to race back it meant you were first to boat so some people were waiting on the start line for over an hour.

The Yare Rowing Club is really unusual as it is on an island so you can only get to it by boat, therefore we were kindly hosted by Norwich Rowing Club who allowed us to use their enviable facilities at Whitlingham.

A few highlights…

The beaming smiles on Steve and Chrystal’s faces as they crossed the finished line for the second time having taken a much closer look at the bottom of the river than everyone else!
All Deben crews getting through without getting the 20 second penalty for breaking the river rules and cutting the corners to get a racing line!
Having the fastest boat cross the line in the first division!
Making the short ferry crossing in the afternoon sunshine to the Yare Rowing Club and finding out that the ferry’s Captain went to school in Woodbridge and spent most of his childhood on the River Deben, small world!

Deben wins

Tilly Barnard, Lotte Tynedale Hardy, Aiden Ward & Olly Wroe – Mx.IM3.4x- Also fastest boat in division 1
Tilly Barnard & Lotte Tynedale Hardy – W.J18.2x
Megan Stocker – W.IM2.1x
Jacq Barnard & Andy Spencer – Mx.MasC.2x
As ever a big thank you to our excellent land crew who made sure that we were always in the right place at the right time.