We hold social events and recreational activities from time to time. Here are reports of past activities:

25th June 2018

Members of the Monday evening group took a trip to Ramsholt today, landing for some refreshment at the Ramsholt Arms before returning as the sun went down.

Other people gathered at the pub had attended a remembrance service and, as the safety boat put to the water, they asked if we might scatter flowers on the water.

We were sent these pictures by someone observing the outing, who commented: "The rowers were a wonderful sight heading back upriver in the setting sun and it was very touching seeing your safety boat strewing the bouquet of flowers".

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10th August 2016

Last weekend thirteen intrepid athletes travelled to Orford for a day out on the river Ore. Despite being caught in the rain on several occasions and having to deal with way too much Vaseline (thank you Mr Chairman!) everyone had a lovely time. The water might have fallen from above but being mirror calm from beneath made up for the inconvenience. Despite the somewhat grey and bleak conditions spirits were high as the crews made their way to Aldeburgh for lunch and then on towards Iken before turning for the trip home.

For many this was the first time they had rowed on a different... more

2nd May 2016

Six members of Blakeney RC visited Woodbridge over the Bank Holiday and travelled up and down the river in a St Ayles Skiff. This is an unusual boat and apparently there are plans to build boats of this design in Woodbridge in the new Whisstocks development.

The crew rented a house in Woodbridge for the weekend and moored their boat in Waldringfield. They travelled to Felixstowe on Sunday and on Monday were met by Jacq and Andy by chance as they were travelling up to Woodbridge. They landed on the wooden jetty and came in for a cup of tea before heading back to Waldringfield to take... more

1st May 2014

I first saw a ‘Solent Galley’ in 1994 when I took part in the Amateur Rowing Association ‘Thames Tour’. These elegant coxed fours were of clench timberconstruction (clinker) with fixed seats and the oar gates mounted on the sheer strakes. They were built in 1935 and at least five of them remain in service.

In 1994 the leader of the Solent Galley party was Pat Sherwen, a great enthusiast and supporter of rowing who has since passed away.  However, the ‘Pat Sherwen Rowing Trust’ was formed and the Solent Galleys are maintained in good condition with the trust members touring the... more

8th March 2014

7.30 a.m. on Saturday 8th March with a grey overcast and a moderate SSE wind.

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Ten members of Deben RC gathered in Eversons boatyard to travel to Orford. For most, the event was initiation into cruising under oars with the object of exploration and adventure in good company.

The rush of the grey ebbing waters of the Ore and the bleak chill of the wind off the cold sea was very different from our home on the Deben with its pastoral banks and the... more