What we expect

What we expect of juniors

The key to success in rowing is teamwork.  Whether as a member of a crew boat or when interacting with other junior and senior members of the Club, we expect all juniors to uphold the highest possible standards of behaviour and cooperation at all times.

With a limited number of junior places available we expect your child to:

  • Attend training regularly and punctually.
  • Register in advance for all sessions.
  • Have eaten appropriately for strenuous exercise.
  • Arrive with suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor training.
  • Be able to swim 100 metres in light clothing.
  • Bring Wellington boots, a towel and a spare set of clothes to every session.
  • Follow the instructions of their coaches and supervisors, including warming up and stretching.
  • Help clean and store all club equipment after use.

As the parent/guardian/carer of a junior you need to have completed a membership declaration form on their behalf detailing any known medical conditions before they can participate at the Club. We also require a signed photography consent form (optional) and emergency medical aid form so that we can react appropriately in different circumstances. We would also ask for the prompt payment of all fees.

We hope that your child will rise to the challenges presented by rowing and will enjoy themselves, even when working hard.

Providing a safe and healthy environment where juniors can flourish requires a considerable commitment from members of the Club. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the supervision of land-based training sessions, launch driving, trailer towing and a multitude of other roles within the Club. If you can help, however infrequently, then please let us know.